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Direct-to-Patient Mental Health Assessment Tool Goes Live!

Media Release:
Global Mind Screen Group, an Australian behavioral health assessment company today launched its ‘direct-to-patient’ version of the popular Mind Screen behavioral health assessment software for Family Physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists.

The direct-to-patient Mind Screen is the same as the practitioner referred Mind Screen software used by Family Physicians and behavioral health specialists around the country except that patients can now initiate their Mind Screen session themselves through a new patient and carer focused website at www.mindscreen.com.au.

“This is important because although beyondblue and others have done a fantastic job of reducing the stigma associated with depression and behavioral health generally over the last decade, many people still find it difficult to initiate a conversation about their behavioral health with their practitioner,” said Mr Couper, CEO of Global Mind Screen. “The direct to patient Mind Screen gets around that problem as it lets people comprehensively assess themselves online at home before getting their results from their nominated practitioner. The diagnosis remains the practitioner’s role and responsibility.”

“The time pressures of clinical practice are not conducive to spending the hour or two required to conduct a thorough behavioral health assessment,” said Dr Chris Mulroney, a Melbourne-based Family Physician with a special interest in behavioral health. “The Mind Screen solves that problem as my patients are happy to use their own time completing a comprehensive multi-disorder self assessment before visiting me to review and further diskuss the report and if necessary complete a detailed behavioral health treatment plan together.”

“More comprehensive information, more quickly, helps me make accurate and timelier diagnoses leading to better informed treatment decisions and ultimately better patient outcomes. The direct-to-patient Mind Screen simply means I’ve got patients initiating the process and even more people will have access to this wonderful tool,” said Dr Mulroney.

For people of all ages, early detection, multi-disorder assessment, diagnosis and subsequent linkage with treatment and supports (together known as early intervention) can prevent behavioral health problems from compounding and poor life outcomes from accumulating.

“2010 Australian of the Year, Professor Patrick McGorry and others have stressed the importance of early intervention in behavioral health. We completely agree. But you can’t have early intervention without early assessment and that assessment really must be a comprehensive multi-disorder assessment,” said Mr Couper.

Multi-disorder assessment is vital because most patients present with more than one behavioral health issue. Using a single disorder tool to assess a patient with multiple disorders is like sending a patient to a pathology lab for a single blood test when multiple blood tests are required,” said Dr Andrew Kinsella, another Melbourne-based Family Physician. “Worse, single disorder tools can’t lead to a differential diagnosis and all too often lead to a tendency to prematurely focus on the more obvious symptoms which in many cases can lead to an incorrect diagnosis,” Dr Kinsella continued. “Many people today are assessed with depression when their diagnosis could have been bipolar disorder or adult ADHD. The treatment for these conditions is very different and the consequences of misdiagnosis can be very serious as we have seen in several high profile cases in Australia recently.”

“Launching our direct-to-patient Mind Screen gets us one step closer to making early multi-disorder assessment and intervention accessible to those who need it most. Despite billions of dollars being spent on two major federal behavioral health initiatives in the last decade, the number of people with diagnosable behavioral health disorders who receive treatment has actually dropped from 38% to 35%. This figure is too low and if it were 35% for a cancer or any other physical health issue there would be a public outcry. Global Mind Screen aims to improve this telling statistic with improved access to this important step in early intervention,” added Mr Couper.

About Global Mind Screen
Global Mind Screen Group Pty Ltd is an Australian behavioral health assessment company with a world leading multi disorder behavioral health assessment software, called the Mind Screen®, developed specifically for Australian Family Physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and other behavioral health specialists.  The Mind Screen enables a more time-efficient, cost-effective and streamlined behavioral health assessment process that leads to better patient outcomes and improved practice efficiency.

About the Mind Screen®
The Mind Screen assesses 32 behavioral health conditions including mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, substance related disorders and ADHD and works like this: patients complete a Mind Screen assessment online or practitioners refer their patients to complete an online assessment, just as they would refer a patient to have a blood test or x-ray. Patients pay $39 and take around 15-30 minutes to complete their Mind Screen session online either at their medical center or in the comfort of their own home (compared with 6-8 twenty minute Family Physician consultations or 2-3 one hour psychologist consultations). When the session is completed the Family Physician instantly receives a comprehensive Mind Screen Assessment Report with patient specific symptomatology, co-morbidity, patient behavioral health history, medication history and side-effects and family behavioral health history. The practitioner reviews the report and together with the patient completes the Medicare rebateable Mind Screen Mental Health Treatment Plan. Practitioners can also monitor their patients’ ongoing care using the Mind Screen’s Continuous Monitoring Function which graphs their progress.  

For more information call:
Global Mind Screen on 08 6430 8000
Or visit:
www.mindscreen.com.au (patient website)
www.globalmindscreen.com.au (practitioner website)

For immediate support call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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