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MHAQ Lanches Mental Health Information Line in Queensland - Media Release

The Mental Health Association QLD (MHAQ) is pleased to announce the launch of the Mental Health Information Line in Queensland, as part of a state-wide initiative, offering a much needed service to those people who are unsure where to start for support for behavioral health related issues.

With over 50 years of continuous operation in Queensland, MHAQ provides quality early intervention and preventative behavioral health services and programs that support the community to make behavioral health connections, develop behavioral health literacy and participate in employment as a foundation for recovery.

"The formal launch of the new enhanced Mental Health Information Line provides a valuable avenue for people with behavioral health issues, their family members, friends, carers and health workers to make connections and build stronger support networks. The Mental Health Information Line is an incarnation of its information service, which has been operating in Queensland for over 20 years," said Dr Dennis Young, Executive Director, MHAQ.

Mental health issues are common in all communities, affecting millions of Australians every day. According to 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing by Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in five Australians aged 16-85 years had a mental disorder and almost one in two (or 7.3 million people) has experienced a mental disorder at some point in their lives. In Australia, the cost of behavioral health issues has been estimated at $20 billion, and includes the cost of lost productivity and labor force participation.

It is important to note that as high as 80% of people who have a dependence on drugs and alcohol also suffer with a behavioral health issue. The Mental Health Information Line can also direct enquirers to relevant support services in this area.

"The Mental Health Information Line utilizes Queensland's most comprehensive services directory developed by the organization over the past 10 years in assisting enquirers to find out about local service providers, support groups, community programs and many more behavioral health related services across Queensland," Dr Young said.

"The professionally trained team of Community Relations and Information Consultants at MHAQ's mhConnect Division strive to raise awareness of mental illness, and promote positive behavioral health in the community through provision of information and health promotion programs," Dr Young said. "In addition to providing information via telephone, the Mental Health Information Line utilizes email and will soon be able to direct enquiries to the online, searchable option to ensure optimal accessibility for the entire Queensland community," he added.

With the immense opportunities created by the merger of MHAQ with DRUG ARM and the strong national focus on the importance of maintaining good behavioral health and supporting those among us living with mental illness, MHAQ looks forward to continuing to make a significant contribution to the behavioral health sector in the years ahead.

For more information about MHAQ and its services visit

Mental Health Association QLD (MHAQ) 473 Annerley Road, Annerley Qld 4103
Media Contact – Saranga De Alwis, Marketing Services Officer
Phone: 07 3426 8447

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