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beyondblue and Global Mind Screen have partnered to provide beyondblue behavioral health fact sheets directly to patients at the point of care.

The initiative means that patients who are seeing their Family Physician, psychologist or psychiatrist will be able to have beyondblue fact sheets printed or emailed directly to them with the click of a button.

beyondblue is pleased to be working with Global Mind Screen to make beyondblue fact sheets available to people at the point of diagnosis,” said Dr Nicole Highet, Deputy CEO of beyondblue. “It is important that people with depression or anxiety, and their carers, have access to relevant information. Making this available during a consultation with a person’s practitioner is a highly effective way to provide the right information at the right time.”

Dr Chris Mulroney, a prominent Melbourne-based Family Physician with a special interest in behavioral health says, “beyondblue is a great resource for information on behavioral health issues and to now have this available as an integral part of my behavioral health treatment planning process will help me ensure my patients get the information I want them to get. This will make a big difference to my patients’ behavioral health education.”

Practitioners whose patients have completed a Mind Screen behavioral health assessment will be able to access beyondblue fact sheets that relate specifically to the behavioral health conditions identified by their patient. The CEO of Global Mind Screen Group, Marshall Couper explains: “The Department of Health and Ageing requires Family Physicians to provide patient education relating to the disorders he or she has clinically diagnosed in that patient. This joint initiative means that practitioners who use the Mind Screen can have at their fingertips targeted, high quality and up to date beyondblue information on conditions relevant to their patient. Any beyondblue updates are made available to practitioners immediately providing practitioners with comfort that their patients are getting the latest information available and at the same time they are complying with the Department’s requirements.”

About Global Mind Screen

Global Mind Screen is an Australian behavioral health assessment company with a world leading multi disorder behavioral health assessment software, called the Mind Screen®, developed specifically for Australian Family Physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and other behavioral health specialists. The Mind Screen enables a more time-efficient, cost-effective and streamlined behavioral health assessment process that leads to better patient outcomes and improved practice efficiency.

About the Mind Screen

The Mind Screen assesses 32 behavioral health conditions including mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, substance related disorders and ADHD and works like this: Family Physicians ask their patients to complete an online assessment, just as they would refer a patient to have a blood test or x-ray. Patients pay up to $59 and take around 15-30 minutes to complete their Mind Screen session online either at their medical center or in the comfort of their own home. When the session is completed the Family Physician instantly receives a comprehensive Mind Screen Assessment Report with patient specific symptomatology, co-morbidity, patient behavioral health history, medication history and side-effects and their family history. The practitioner reviews the report and together with the patient completes the Mind Screen Mental Health Treatment Plan and monitors their ongoing care using the Mind Screen’s Continuous Monitoring Function.

More Information

Family Physicians and behavioral health specialists who want more information about the Mind Screen, visit www.globalmindscreen.com.au or call 08-6430 800008-6430 8000

For more information on depression, anxiety and related disorders, visit www.beyondblue.org.au or call 1300 224 636

For immediate support call Lifeline on 13 11 14

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